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When were mosquitoes discovered?

Mosquitoes have been around for about 46 million years. It's not  exactly known when they were discovered. At the end of 2013,  experts found a fossilized mosquito in Montan (MORE)

Is a mosquito an amphibian?

No. The classes of animals, such as reptiles, mammals, and the subject amphibian, only apply to vertebrates. Mosquitoes are classified as invertebrates, as such are most insec (MORE)

When do mosquitos come out?

Mosquitos are most prevalent during hot and humid months. For particular times in the day, mosquitos attack the most around dawn and dusk.
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What attract mosquitoes?

Locations that attract mosquitoes are damp wet dark places to lay  their eggs in- so try to avoid those types of places during summer.    From the lighter side: U.S.Go (MORE)

Is a mosquito an insect?

Yes, a mosquito is an insect. One clue is because it has 6 legs! yes they are one of the insets.
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Can mosquitoes swim?

  When they are larva they do nothing but swim   When they are adults contact with water is disabilitating.
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What is the age of mosquitoes?

According to those who believe in creation, mosquitoes have existed for 6000 years. According to the evolutionist theory, mosquitoes have existed for 150 million years.
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