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What mossad stands for?

"Mossad" is the Hebrew word for "institue". The name "Mossad" is an abbreviation of the organization's full Hebrew name - "Hammossad LeModi'in VeleTafkidim Meyuchadim", meanin (MORE)

Where is mossad?

Mossad is Israel's intelligence agency comparative to the C.I.A. There are based in Israel and their operations are mainly in the Middle East.
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Why did Israel's Agency Mossad create Hamas?

Mossad did not create Hamas, they funded it during its earlier period when it would not have survived without external funds. The difference is slight, but worth noting. Th (MORE)
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You would like to be trained by mossad and what are the procedures of joining mossad?

Mossad is the Israeli secret service, that is similar to the CIA or any other country's secret service. To join the Mossad, you need to be an Israeli citizen. Someone who is e (MORE)
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What has Mossad uncovered about Anna Kreisling?

Israeli Intelligence has learned that Hannah Kreisling, Anna's mother was a Baltic German from Estonia. They lived on the coast right across from Finland. In 1916 she went to (MORE)

Why did mossad want gibbs dead?

Because he wanted to kill Ari Haswari an under cover Mossad Agent who had infiltrated Hamas terrorist cells. Ari had killed Agent Kate Todd and hence gibbs wanted revenge
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Does Mossad really exist?

If you mean Mossad as in the Israeli "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations" then yes it does exist.
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Where is it possible to learn about Mossad?

Mossad has its own personal website you can visit to get educated on their history and general activities. You can also try visiting major news networks and looking for articl (MORE)