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What is a mercy meal?

  A mercy meal may otherwise be called "a wake". The time and customs surrounding the mercy meal differ from one Religious Faith to another but over all it is a chance for (MORE)
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Is there mercy in mercy killing?

No, there is no mercy in mercy killing because you don't have to kill that human or animal even if it can't talk. You don't know what they need, maybe they are saying they n (MORE)

What is God's mercy?

God's mercy is the show of His love for us! I should know, I've been running from him for so long...the Bible tells you to trust in Him, for He is Good, has this have not spok (MORE)

What are mercy killings?

A "Mercy Killing" is when one kills something out of pity/mercy. Ex: Pretend you were going home. You see a half dead bird lying on the side of the road. Knowing the bird woul (MORE)

What is it mercy killing?

It is to kill something out of mercy, like puting something out of its misery EX: dog gets hit by a car and is going to die soon and there is nothing you can do to fix it so y (MORE)

What is mercy killing?

The phrase mercy killing is basically when someone is killed  because they are dying from a painful disease. This process is  usually accomplished by administering a large a (MORE)
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What does it mean to be merciful?

Mercy is withholding punishment or some other negative  consequence from someone who deserves the punishment or negative  consequence. In contrast, grace is offering some be (MORE)