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What is a mother?

Is a woman who gives birth to a baby and takes care of the baby. Litotes A mother may be a human or a mammal. The term "mother" is alsoapplied to other animals of the earth w (MORE)
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Who was the mother of Mary the mother of Jesus?

Mary's mother was St Anne, who was married to St Joachim. Thecouple had Mary at a late stage in life, after Anne prayed to God.The names are not found in the Bible but are fou (MORE)
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When can you be a mother?

Well, you can be a mother as soon as you are old enough to ovulate and find someone to fertilize your eggs. But that doesn't mean you are ready. You will need a stable job to (MORE)
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What did mother do?

love your mother all of your life.. Bcouze w/o. our mother wher not here in this woeld... i love mah mam... SuSan NavaRes..
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What are mothers?

Mothers are the ones who give birth to you and are nice to you and their the ones who are always there for you. or abuse u.........sorry!!!!!!!BUT IT HAPPENS!!!!!
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What is a mother from it?

it is an imagenary monster that eat kids.. ur mother give life aka birth.. so a mother from it is a clown that eats the kids it gives birth to.. diss.. it is an imagenary (MORE)
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How can be a mother?

You have to have sexual intercourse when you ovulate. If nothing has happened for 1 year seek medical help.
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What song has the lyrics mother mother mother mother mother mother?

"What's Going On" Marvin Gaye Mother, mother There's too many of you crying Brother, brother, brother There's far too many of you dying You know we've got to find a way (MORE)
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Who is gods mothers mothers mother?

God has no mother. He is self-existent, meaning He has always existed and wasn't born to human parents. He is a Spirit.
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What is mother?

A mother is a person who has children. A woman can be a motherfigure but not actually a mother.