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What is a motherboard?

A motherboard is the main board of the computer. Itcontains all necessary parts such as cpu (Central Processing Unit)your drives such as your hdd (Hard Disk Drive) or cd/dvd b ( Full Answer )
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What does the motherboard do?

You need a way for computer parts to send signals to each other, the motherboard connects all the parts together and relays signals.
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Why are motherboards called motherboards?

Because all components of the computer are connected to, andthrough the motherboard. It is called a motherboard because itcontains all the other components that makes an elect ( Full Answer )
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Type of motherboard?

There are numerous different types of motherboards on the markettoday. The ATX format motherboard is very popular today, althoughMicro ATX and Baby AT see significant use as w ( Full Answer )
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What is on a motherboard?

A motherboard contains several integrated components. Most motherboards will contain: . An IDE controller . A SATA controller (on newer motherboards) . A floppy controlle ( Full Answer )
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Where are motherboards manufactured?

Motherboards are pretty much manufactured the world around. Most for PC's come from China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Japan, Malaysia and the such. Motherboards for US weapon syste ( Full Answer )
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Functions of a Motherboard?

motherboard is the heart of the computer, also provide an area where the internal components can connect.
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Features of motherboard?

under bios setup>advanced tab> select configure SATA> selct RAID from the menue A+ 5th edition
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What are motherboards?

Motherboards are the main Printed Circuit Boards inside a computer, they hold most of the important parts of the computer.
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What are the uses of motherboard?

A motherboard is the backbone of a PC. It is what all the components attach to. You cannot have a PC without a motherboard (Currently).