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Who is mothman?

From Wikipedia, " Mothman is the name given to a strange creature reported in the Charleston and Point Pleasant areas of West Virginia between November 1966 and December 1967 (MORE)

Is The Mothman real?

Yes,Scientifically speaking The so called "MothMan" is just a Moth geneticly mutated by a scientist but Sub section 176 (Area 51) is STILL trying to capture this so called Mot (MORE)

What is Mothman?

Mothman is a giant moth said to be seen before major disasters. The last official sighting of Mothman was reported on January 11, 1967. It was supposedly seen hovering over th (MORE)

Who made Mothman?

No one knows for sure, some believe he was created by accident at the TNT plant others think he was an alien or even a demonic creature

Is mothman a killer?

While there are no documented cases of Mothman killing any creature, human or otherwise, it is considered an omen of misfortune. In a case in Massachusets, Mothman was seen ci (MORE)