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Did the Mothman kill anyone on purpose?

no i think hes just here to warn you from danger there are myths of him ripping the eyes out of people if you see his red eyes in a mirror but that has actually been proved (MORE)

Is mothman a killer?

While there are no documented cases of Mothman killing any creature, human or otherwise, it is considered an omen of misfortune. In a case in Massachusets, Mothman was seen ci (MORE)

What is Mothman?

Mothman is a giant moth said to be seen before major disasters. The last official sighting of Mothman was reported on January 11, 1967. It was supposedly seen hovering over th (MORE)

How many sightings are there of mothman?

  There does not seem to be an official count of mothman sightings, especially since some claim to spot the creature even today. The main rash of sightings that began the (MORE)
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Is there evidence that the mothman exist?

actually there is a lot of evidence that the mothman is real alot of people from West Virginia and Pennsylvania have seen him , the last sighting i remember its when the Silve (MORE)

Has Mothman killed anyone?

Mothman is rumored to have killed many people. Supposedly everyone  that sees him has died or will die. Mothman deaths have not been  proven, however.

What does the mothman look like?

The Mothman is the name given to a creature reported in the Charleston and Point Pleasant areas of West Virginia between November 12, 1966, and December 1967. Most observers d (MORE)

Is the mothman good?

The people of Point Pleasent (wher the Mothman was seen) are divided into two groups: 1 belives the Mothman caused the collapse of the silver gate bridge on December 15th, 196 (MORE)

What powers does mothman have?

As far as i've know, he got some cool god like powers. He's capble of read minds, fly at insane speed amounts, teletrasnportation, immunity to injures, he's immortal, capble o (MORE)