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Is Mothra a female?

well yes and no there is a male mothra called mothra Leo as well Mothra reproduces asexually as such it is referred to as male and female since it is technically both, in dif (MORE)
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Can Godzilla beat Mothra?

hell, yah. Godzilla would blow that stupid moth up...........actually mothra isn't stupid ans shes a preety worthy foe....
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Why does Giratina sound like mothra?

Don't know why but it sounds like Battra too. And Palkia sounds like King Ghidorah. I guess the legendaries all sound alike to Godzilla monsters. The creators probably wanted (MORE)
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Can mothra beat rodan?

Rodan can beat mothra Rodans a giant Terrordactyal Mothras a giant moth its Terrordactyal vs Moth

What is the meaning of the word mothra?

Mothra is a fictional character, an outsized giant Moth or Butterfly that has both monster and benevolent roles. There is an important subplot involving kidnapped miniature Gi (MORE)
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How many type of mothra are there?

Mothra has two diffeent incarnations. One is as a creature resmbling a large slug or sea-slug, wingless. the other is a giant Moth or Butterfly. Both are entirely fictional.

How does Mothra die?

Mothra in Mothra vs. Godzilla dies because of Godzilla blowing her up by atomic breath. Mothra dies again in Ebirah, the sea monster because of Infant island exploding. Mothra (MORE)