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Who won in Godzilla vs King Kong?

in the American version Kong won in the Japanese version Godzilla won so you cant really tell who won it depends on the version. ^A common misconception. There were differenc (MORE)

Who won in Godzilla vs Biollante?

Godzilla wined in fact there were two biollantes the second gave godzilla a hard time she even stabbed godzilla in the hand but godzilla stilled win he just needed to get use (MORE)

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Do Godzilla and mothra love each other?

You see, Mothra is insanely in love with Godzilla. The only  reasons she may have a battle with Godzilla is to settle him down  to be calm. Most of the time, she has temed u (MORE)

Does mothra love Godzilla?

Yes but she is afraid to tell Godzilla because she didn't want enything bad happening between them she's also afraid she'll lose him like shadow and Maria what she doesn't kno (MORE)