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How do you sell a Motorcycle with a lien from a credit union before the loan is paid off you dont have the money to pay off the loan and the bank will not release the bike to the buyer without it?

You cannnot. you can do so by having the buyer meet you at the credit union. they will have to sign paperwork to assume the balance of your loan, and at that time they will g (MORE)

When a private party sells a motorcycle to another private party where all money is transferred and the title has been signed may the buyer stop his check and return the motorcycle?

no he cant if the title has been changed in to the other guys name he is not able to do that the best thing to do is got to a magistrate in your town and ask them and if the g (MORE)

What are buyers?

Buyers are consumers -- the people in an economy who purchase goods and services. There are also professional buyers, who work for companies to get the best products at the (MORE)
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Do you have a buyers of this?

There are buyers for just about everything. No matter how weird it may be, someone out there is willing to buy it. You can post your items for sale on local sites like Craigsl (MORE)
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What is motorcycling?

Motorcycling is a form of transportation on a two or three wheeledmotor vehicle It can be used for traveling, commuting, cruising,sport and racing.