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What is an organizational buyer?

Businesses, government agencies, and other institutions buy products and services to maintain their organizations and achieve their organizational objectives. Organizational b (MORE)

How do you sell a Motorcycle with a lien from a credit union before the loan is paid off you dont have the money to pay off the loan and the bank will not release the bike to the buyer without it?

You cannnot.       you can do so by having the buyer meet you at the credit union. they will have to sign paperwork to assume the balance of your loan, and at that ti (MORE)

What is co buyer?

  Answer     An individual who purchases a vehicle jointly with a Buyer, and is jointly liable for repayment of the loan.
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What is Fashion Buyer?

  A Fashion Buyer is someone who determines what clothing and accessories (most buyers have a specific area that they work in i.e. women's wear buyer, accessories buyer, e (MORE)
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What is buyer insolvency?

buyer insolvency is the situation in which the purchaser ( importer of goods or services) is unable to pay for the goods or services exported by exporter to him.
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Do you have a buyers of this?

There are buyers for just about everything. No matter how weird it may be, someone out there is willing to buy it. You can post your items for sale on local sites like Craigsl (MORE)

What are motorcycles?

A motorcycle is a two or three wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycle  design varies greatly to suit a range of different purposes: long  distance travel, commuting, cruising, sp (MORE)