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What is the longest mountain range in England?

The Pennines form the longest mountain range in England. The range is popularly referred to as the 'Backbone of England' and stretches from the Midlands in the south to the C (MORE)
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Define mountain range and mountain belt?

A mountain range: is a series of mountains that have the same general shape and structure. A mountain belt: is a group of large mountain systemsA mountain system: a series of (MORE)

Which is the worlds longest mountain range?

The Ocean Ridge (also known as Mid-ocean ridge), which runs more than 40,000 miles on the sea floor of five oceans is the longest mountain chain in the world. The longest moun (MORE)
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What are the mountains and mountain ranges in the Philippines?

The islands are volcanic in origin, being part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, and are mostly mountainous. There are main mountain ranges in the Philippines are:   * Carabal (MORE)
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How does mountain range effect climate?

Mountains can affect the climate of nearby lands. Clouds approaching a mountain are forced to rise, and rising clouds can't hold so much water, so they drop their rain, so the (MORE)

What is mountain range?

A mountain range is a single mass of mountains or narrowly space mountain ridges with or without peaks. The mountains within the range are generally closely related in positio (MORE)

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