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What is a mountain?

A area that has been rased by erosion (being worn down) or Plates sliding Answer (1) . Mountains are formed when the land is being pushed up by strong forces in the Earth, su (MORE)
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Are there mountains?

Yes, there are mountains in every continent. A natural landform that is very important in many ways. They are very important in controling weather and climate. They are also v (MORE)

Where is it mountainous?

In the USA, there are several mountainous areas. For example,  Nevada is known as the most mountainous state. In second place is  the state of Alaska.
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What do mountain have?

what do you mean ...if you mean what features then i can think of a pyramidal peaks and corys
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What can you get from mountain?

You can mine jewels, metal, coal, rock Get water from springs Harvest trees growing on it's surface Build homes on it Ski (depending on the mountain) Hunt animals (depe (MORE)