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What do Mourning Cloak caterpillars eat?

Mourning Cloak caterpillars will eat many different things. Some of  these foods include leaves off of the plants where they were  hatched, willow plants, wild rose, and pop (MORE)

What is a mourning wreath?

A mourning wreath is a wreath made almost entirely of human hair. During the Victorian era death was common. When a loved one would pass someone would clip a piece of the dece (MORE)

What does mournful mean?

It means 1. full of sorrow or sadness. 2. causing sorrow.   The opposite is Joyous.
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Do rabbits mourn?

Our rabbit was very sad when her littermate died and wouldn't eat for a long while. She eventually did out of necessity but I'd say yes. They do mourn. In fact, most animals (MORE)

Are mourning doves blind?

In response to several questions:    The Mourning Dove is a bird, not a mammal. The Turtle Dove  (Streptopelia turtur) isn't the same species as the Mourning Dove  (Z (MORE)

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