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What is in mouthwash?

  Mouthwash contains an Active ingredient, such as Chlorhexidine Gluconate or Hexetidine, which are active against Bacteria, Viruses, Spores and Fungi. They can also aid i (MORE)

Does mouthwash expire?

It depends on what kind of mouthwash it is. Non-alcohol? Or alcohol? Non-alcohol does expire.     Mouthwash with alcohol in it expires too. I have Listerine and it has (MORE)
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How does mouthwash work?

When you swish it around in your mouth it's killing and gettind rid of al the baterica and germs that either you missed when you were brushing your teeth, and all the bacteria (MORE)
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Formulation of mouthwash?

  A disinfectant suitable flavored with a sweeting base... it should be gargled and not to be swallowed...
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Is mouthwash bad for you?

No, It is only harmful if swallowed. Using mouthwash helps kill bacteria in your mouth, and keep your teeth healthy by doing preventative maintenance by killing plaque causing (MORE)

Is mouthwash flammable?

well it depends what kind or mouthwash. if it contains alchahol then probably yes. it may also contain Formaldehyde which is also combustable. so to answer your question more (MORE)
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What is a good mouthwash?

Antibacterial mouth rinse s can be divided into1 st generation and 2 nd generation agents. . 1 st generation agents such as essential oils,sanguinarine, cetylpyridinium c (MORE)
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What is mouthwash used for?

mouthwash is used to wash mouth to protect from germs or bacteria, fresh breathing and for care of your teeth.
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Where can you get the detoxifying mouthwash?

I am not sure what you are calling a "detoxifying" mouthwash. There is one called Peridex that is used for Periodontal disease, but it is a prescription. There is also one for (MORE)