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Who is the inventor of movable type for printing?

The world's first known movable-type system for printing was  created in China around 1040 AD, by Bi Sheng, during the Song  Dynasty. Next, a metal movable-type system for p (MORE)

Is the wrist a movable joint?

  Yes but what may be surprising is that it is only moveable in One Plane, Flexion and Extension. It does appear able to be Abducted and Adducted as well as Rotated. The a (MORE)

What is mean by movable and immovable property?

In simple terms, immovable property refers to assets that are fixed or immobile/immovable or cannot be moved without causing destruction or permanent alteration to the asset. (MORE)

Are sea star spines movable?

Yes, sea stars are able to move the spines in order to protect themselves as armor.
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How does muscle attach to movable bone?

A musculotendinous junction; for example, a muscle "becomes" a tendon and the tendon is what connects to the bone at the muscles origin/insertion.
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A movable pulley can?

It can pull something that may be very heavy too.This is the benefit of a pulley that it can pull heavy things because it has pulley that increases the amount t=of the pull or (MORE)

What is movable IP?

Movable IP address is an IP address which is assigned to an active entity and the same can be assigned to the corresponding standby (redundant) entity when the active entity f (MORE)

What are the movable and intangible heritage in the Philippines?

Republic Act No. 10066 - National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 also covers movable heritage objects. The National Museum also declares intangible heritage as National Cultura (MORE)

Why are bones movable?

Your movable bones are attached to skeletal muscles by tendons. Your muscles move to pull the bones, which are often attached by semi-restricted ball-joints, like in your elbo (MORE)