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What bone is movable?

The Mandible, or jawbone, is a bone in your body that is constantly moving around. Another bone that can move around a bit is your patella, or knee cap. Sit down somewhere wit (MORE)
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A movable pulley can?

It can pull something that may be very heavy too.This is the benefit of a pulley that it can pull heavy things because it has pulley that increases the amount t=of the pull or (MORE)

Is sternum movable?

I can pop my sternum out a little less than an inch from where itnormally is. I figured out how to do it at age 15. One of my theory's as to why, is I have trouble breathing a (MORE)

What are movable furnitures?

Those furnitures which are able to be moved or rearranged. Room's layout could be easily changed through these type of furnitures.

Why are bones movable?

Your movable bones are attached to skeletal muscles by tendons. Your muscles move to pull the bones, which are often attached by semi-restricted ball-joints, like in your elbo (MORE)