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Is it toward or towards?

Both "toward" and "towards" are acceptable in a sentence. They both have the same meaning and are both used depending on personal preference. Towards has been used more often (MORE)
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What is the plural for happy?

The word 'happy' is an adjective. Adjectives don't have  singular and plural forms. Adjectives have degrees:    happy   happier (comparative degree)   happiest (MORE)

Is it happy holiday or happy holidays?

  It is Happy Holidays, with both words capitalized. "Holidays" is pluralized because (generally) you are referring to more than one day of the holiday.
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Who is happy as a lark?

It is just a way of expressing a great deal of happiness. Larks soar in the sky, and have a beautiful song. It appears sometimes that they are moving and singing for nothing b (MORE)

A plane is movine north at 400 mph and a wind suddenly blows from west to east at 50 mph What is the plane's new velocity and direction?

This cannot be calculated without knowing the aerodynamics of the plane. Since air is fluid, it is capible of going around the plane, and will not nessicarily move the plane 5 (MORE)
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How does happy happy clover end?

clover gets married to rambler kale gets married to a bunny named thistle(she is only seen in manga book #5) and thistle and kale have a baby bunny named chard (it is a boy) (MORE)

Are you happy?

I suppose. Are you? It will depend on your nervous system or feelings. Or even if something bad or good happened. So it will depend on you. If you are happy..good 4u!! If u ar (MORE)

How to get happiness?

Getting happiness is very simple, its starts by doing the things you love/enjoy. It could be as simple as taking a shower, or maybe watching the stars at night! Don't think ab (MORE)

Is happiness an adjective?

No. The word happiness is a noun. It is formed from the adjective  "happy."
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