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What moves does noctowl learn in heart gold?

lv5-Hypnosis lv9-Peck lv13-Uproar lv17-Reflect lv22-Confusion lv27-Take Down lv32-Air Slash lv37-Zen Headbutt lv42-Extrasensory lv47-Psycho Shift lv52-Roost lv57-Dream Eater N (MORE)

Where is the move tutor in Pokemon Heart Gold?

In Blackthorn City of Johto, there is a house called the Move Tutor and Move Deleter House. There are 4 tutors inside. The old man on the far RIGHT will teach 3 VERY powerful (MORE)

What tells you that your heart muscle keeps moving?

A few things: 1. That you are still alive after a while. Your heart sustains you by pumping oxygenated blood throughout your body, and removing deoxygenated blood to the lung (MORE)

What are the blood vessels that move away from the heart?

Blood vessels that move away from the heart are called arteries. You can remember this by relating the a in arteries to the a in away. If you need more scientific information (MORE)

How do you move xp hearts to windows 7?

You need access to an xp machine first. go to C:\\windows\\system32\\mshearts.exe C:\\windows\\system32\\cards.dll they need to be copied to your windows 7 machine same direc (MORE)

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