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Where is the allowed list in Mozilla Firefox?

Go to Fire-fox tools. Then go to options at the bottom of the drop down menu. Then go to applications, once there you will see the allowed list.
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How do you get rid of yahoo search mozilla Mozilla Firefox?

I spent ages trying to get rid of Yahoo search. Every time I deleted it, it came back. Immediately. However the problem disappeared as soon as I uninstalled the free version (MORE)

Does Google own Mozilla Firefox?

No, I do not think so. Firefox is owned by Mozilla which is (as far as I am aware) a separate non-profit company made up of volunteers and open-source software developers.
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If i have mozilla can i delete internet explorer?

Don't delete it, just don't use it to browse the web. You need Microsoft's crappy browser to get updates for your computer OS. I've gone to the Microsoft Update with Firefox o (MORE)

Who is the creator of Mozilla Firefox?

The creator of Mozilla Firefox is john Lloyd C Aban, studed in university of AMERICA .Many people call him "Boy genius".that was 1999 his age is 12 years old.
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Why is mozilla firefox called mozilla firefox?

If you look at the picture then there's a fox made of fire :). The tail is the fire. FIRE FOX
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What is Mozilla Firefox how to use it?

Mozilla Firefox is a top rated google-wired internet browser. There is also Firefox 3, which will appear as an ad on the Mozilla Firefox homepage.
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On Mozilla Firefox how do you delete your history?

Since Firefox version 4 to delete the browsing history click on the Firefox button in the top left hover of history, then click clear browsing history. Then from there you can (MORE)

How do you get Mozilla Firefox?

There are many sources from where Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded  but some of them contain virus, spyware etc. It is recommended to  download Firefox from the official we (MORE)

Why is Mozilla Firefox so slow?

It isn't if you are willing to try the newest incarnation. speed is on par with google chrome. however , add-ons are not keeping up with the rapid pace of development.If you r (MORE)