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What is mozilla?

Mozilla is a non-profit group of volunteers who create computer software. They are an open community and allow anybody to register as part of Mozilla. They encourage people to (MORE)

Where can you download Mozilla Firefox 3?

Mozilla Firefox 3 English version for Windows can be downloaded from the homepage of the Mozilla Corporation's website Firefox 3 is also available in more than (MORE)

What is Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a Web Browser like Internet Explorer, Opera, or Google Chrome. Its advantage is that is fast, faster than Internet Explorer, its security is very good, flag (MORE)

How do you get Mozilla Firefox?

There are many sources from where Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded  but some of them contain virus, spyware etc. It is recommended to  download Firefox from the official we (MORE)

What can you do in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is an internet browser (sometimes called a web browser). It is used to access the internet and to read web pages. However, unlike many internet browsers, Moz (MORE)

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