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What is MP3 spoofing?

When someone, usually the rightful copyright owner of the song, releases a fake MP3 on a file sharing network. These fakes have the same name, track length and size as the rea (MORE)

What is an MP3?

Mp3 is a common file format for audio files. An mp3 player, such as an iPod, plays those music files.
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What is and MP3 player?

  an mp3 is a device that can be carried in your pocket and plays music and you can look at pictures and watch videos.

What is the advantage of MP3?

You can have all of your hundreds (even thousands) of cds, in one handheld mp3 player. Its easy, organized and convinent, Plus mp3's never get scratched. :)
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What does the MP3 player do?

an mp3 player is basically just for listening to music. this is what a simple cheap mp3 from any shop will do. you can use media player to sync your music but some mp3s requir (MORE)

How do you convert to MP3?

I would suggest look up Convert to MP3, or you could tryAudacity(search google) and record the song through yourspeakers(no microphone required) then just save it as mp3. Ther (MORE)
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Where can mp3s be purchased?

Mp3s are fairly ubiquitous and can be purchased at any big box store such as Walmart or Target. They can also be found at large electronics and appliance chains such as Best B (MORE)