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Why was MTV important?

MTV was so important because it allowed record labels to promote their videos much easier, converting that to sales. This was a massive progress to the music industry. Before, (MORE)

Address of MTV?

  MTV, a division of Viacom, is headquartered in New York City.   MTV Networks   1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036   Phone: 212-258-8000 Fax: 212-258-6175
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What is a MTV VJ?

  An MTV VJ is a video jockey kind of like a Disk Jockey (DJ) on a radio station, or clubs or any other place there is a DJ
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What does MTV stand for?

MTV is an American cable television channel based in New York.  Originally the MTV stood for Music Television, but in 2010  they dropped 'Music Television' from their logo, (MORE)

What is MTV?

MTV is Music Television. Launched in 1981, MTV initially was a TV  channel that featured music videos with commentary by VJ's or Video  Jockeys.
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Who is the CEO of MTV?

MTV Networks does not have a CEO. When Judy McGrath resigned as CEO  in 2011, the owner of MTV Networks, Viacom, made the decision not  to replace her.

Where can you get tickets for the 2013 MTV awards?

It may be possible to get an old copy of a 2013 ticket to the MTV  awards from an online auction website like eBay. This particular  awards show has ended and the tickets ar (MORE)