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What is MTV?

MTV is Music Television. Launched in 1981, MTV initially was a TVchannel that featured music videos with commentary by VJ's or VideoJockeys.

How has MTV changed?

In 2010, MTV dropped "Music Television" in their logo but yearsbefore they stopped airing music videos & music relatedprogramming opting for "reality" TV shows, movies & rerun (MORE)
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Who is the CEO of MTV?

MTV Networks does not have a CEO. When Judy McGrath resigned as CEOin 2011, the owner of MTV Networks, Viacom, made the decision notto replace her.
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Who founded MTV?

The channel MTV was founded by Robert Pittman and Tom Freston.Originally, the channel was used to play music videos, but inrecent years, the channel has been taken over by rea (MORE)

Why is there no music on MTV?

The cable channel, which celebrated its 30th birthday on August 1, 2011, has had better ratings success with its reality based programming such as "Jersey Shore" and "Teen Mom (MORE)

What is a MTV VJ?

An MTV VJ is a video jockey kind of like a Disk Jockey (DJ) on a radio station, or clubs or any other place there is a DJ
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What are the origins of MTV?

The "origins" is a very lengthly story. I can tell you, however, that you'll want to research former Monkee, Michael Nesmith. The short story is he basically "invented" MTV. H (MORE)

Why was MTV important?

MTV was so important because it allowed record labels to promote their videos much easier, converting that to sales. This was a massive progress to the music industry. Before, (MORE)