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What is a muck fire?

Muck fires are underground fires under a layer of duff in marshy areas. Muck fires are started when lightning strikes the ground and starts to burn. THEY ARE MAINLY IN FLORIDA (MORE)

What is muck?

Muck is slimy mud, or something which makes something dirty. It isalso an obsolete, derogatory term for money.
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What muck fires?

Muck fires are fires that burn underground. They are started (usually in late winter/early spring in Florida) when buried decomposing vegetation spontaneously combusts or is i (MORE)

Mucking a stall?

mucking out a stall is cleaning the stall, when you clean the stall your horse is less likely to get diseases. mucking out the stall means to get dirty but if you don't care a (MORE)
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What is muck fire?

A muck fire is a fire that burns underground. This is started by lightning and other things.
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What do muck fires do?

Muck fires are underground fires that kill citrus trees or other plants. Farmers use these muck fires to their advantage, by using them to kill their crops and therefore havin (MORE)

How do you muck barn?

if you are taking the muck out of a large then a loader tractor, telihandler of a muck pusher if it is a small barn use a shovle of fork(forks work better) if you are not talk (MORE)

How do you muck a stall?

There are several ways to clean a stall. 1: Do a basic daily mucking pulling out the manure and urine spotsthen replenish the bedding. At some point the stall will need to bes (MORE)