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What are muck fires?

Muck fires are fires that burn underground. They are started  (usually in late winter/early spring in Florida) when buried  decomposing vegetation spontaneously combusts or (MORE)
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What is a muck fire?

Muck fires are underground fires under a layer of duff in marshy areas. Muck fires are started when lightning strikes the ground and starts to burn. THEY ARE MAINLY IN FLORIDA (MORE)

What is muck?

Muck is slimy mud, or something which makes something dirty. It isalso an obsolete, derogatory term for money.
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How often should you muck out your horse?

  it depends on what bedding you use. if you have rubber mats and few shavings, then you should muck out every day.   if you have a deep litter bed, lay the stable down (MORE)

Is muck dirt?

  I grew up on a "muck farm" in Ohio (that's what it's called) near Hartville and we worked it by hand. Muck is a very rich, dark (black, or almost black) soil that actual (MORE)
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What does your mucking with a g mean?

"Mucking" is another term for "messing with." "G" is short for "G-man" which was slang for Government Man, which is again slang for special agents of the US Federal governmen (MORE)