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What is mucus?

Mucus is that green stuff inside your nose. It's also inside your  throat-it's there to (hopefully) stop viruses, bacteria and  anything else that may start a disease gettin (MORE)

What is snail mucus?

One kind of snail mucus is produced by the foot and is used for  crawling. The second kind of external mucus is used to coat the  external parts of the body. This coating he (MORE)
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What is mucus made of?

Boogers are mucus (myoo-kuss). Mucus is the thin, slippery material that is found inside your nose. Many people call mucus snot. Your nose makes nearly a cupful of snot every (MORE)

What is the opposite of mucus?

According to the Hippocratic Method and the Four Humors, yellow bile is the opposite of mucus due to the fact that yellow bile was "hot and dry", while mucus was considered "c (MORE)
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What is mucus streaming?

The action of ciliated mucosa that lining the repiratory tract to aid in expelling foreign material from the tract is called mucus streaming. It involves mucus secretion to cl (MORE)

Is mucus phlegm?

Yes! Essentially, phlegm is just the medical term for mucus. It may also be referred to as sputum when obtaining the yellowish tinge which you may associate with a severe cold (MORE)

Can you get chlamydia from mucus?

Mucus is produced in many location, some that may and some that may not be infected with chlamydia. You can get chlamydia from semen, pre-ejaculate, and vaginal fluid.
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Is mucus sterile?

Mucus is typically used for trapping dust particles and bacteria, so where mucus itself is pretty sterile, there's all sorts of gunk attached to it.
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