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Who was Muddy Waters?

Muddy Waters - Blues Musician * Birth Name: McKinley Morganfield * Genre: Blues * Active: '40s - '80s * Instruments: Slide Guitar, Vocals, Guitar For the source and mo (MORE)

Who are the children of singer muddy waters?

He had four children outside of marriage and none with his wife (she couldn't have any) She however took care of one of his daughters after her mother dropped her off at their (MORE)

What is the name of Muddy Waters' wife?

McKinley "Muddy Waters" Morganfield's wife was Geneva. It should be noted that he had relationships with a number of women that resulted in children. He made an effort to take (MORE)
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How will you get pure water from muddy water?

You should get the water in some sort of container and boil the water over a fire. Make sure your container is covered in plastic so when the water droplets hit the plastic th (MORE)

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Where did muddy waters get his name?

A name given to him by his grandmother because as a child, he liked  to play in the muddy water of Deer Creek. There is some argument as  to where this may have been, howeve (MORE)