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Who was Muddy Waters?

Muddy Waters - Blues Musician * Birth Name: McKinley Morganfield * Genre: Blues * Active: '40s - '80s * Instruments: Slide Guitar, Vocals, Guitar For the source and mo (MORE)

How many wives did muddy waters have?

I have found sources that say McKinley "Muddy Waters" Morganfield married 4-5 women, though I have found 3 names. He had six children, none with his wives; in addition to othe (MORE)

Can tadpoles live in muddy water?

yeah they can .i have a creek in my backyard and it really muddy so yeah
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How will you get pure water from muddy water?

You should get the water in some sort of container and boil the water over a fire. Make sure your container is covered in plastic so when the water droplets hit the plastic th (MORE)

How do you separate muddy water?

At home: Let it sit undisturbed for a long time and the mud will settle to the bottom. Or you can slowly pour it through a coffee filter in a funnel to get the chunks out then (MORE)
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How do we separate clear water from muddy water?

The best way to separate clear water from muddy water is to use filtration. The experiment that I did envolved my class folding up some filter paper, sitting it in a funnel an (MORE)