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Where can you get mudkip from?

This comment has removed by BlahaPhysic On Pokemon Ruby you just go to prof. Birch and he said to you go to his bag there are 3 choices of Grass, water and fire type so cho (MORE)
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How do you catch mudkip?

You can't catch mudkip; you can only get one by picking it as a starter in RSE, breeding a mudkip/marshtomp/swampert, trading with a friend who has one, or cheating. In HGSS, (MORE)
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How do you get 2 mudkips?

the only way is to trade or go to route 111 and wait there for 5 hours,go in the grass and a wild mudkip should appear ( only after you have completed the whole games story mo (MORE)

How do you get mudkip in leafgreen?

Mudkip can only be owned in Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen versions by trading from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/XD/Colosseum. Trading from these games requires the National Pokedex, th (MORE)
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Is a mudkip a fish?

Yes, Mudkip is a fictional fish in the Pokemon games. Mudkip is known as "Mud Fish", and first appeared in the game 'Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire'.
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What is Mudkipism?

The Answer. Mudkipism is an ancient practice, and or,religion,which involves worshipping The Mudkip. Mudkip is our Lord. The historical-numerical term "AD"? It was created by (MORE)