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What is jala mudra?

Jala mudra is a mudra in the practice of yoga where the thumb and  the pinky finger touch. This can be achieved by sitting in any  comfortable position.
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What is shankha mudra?

Shankh Mudra and Throat Disorders Mudra hand positions are physical gestures that have an effect on the energy flow of the body. The ancient practice of yoga links the hand m (MORE)

What is the meaning of shivaji maharaj mudra in marathi?

It's a Sanskrit: pratipachchandralekhev vardhishnurvishvavandita, saahasnoshivasaishya mudra bhadraay raajate. "प्रतिपच्चंद्रलेखेव (MORE)
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What is Surya mudra?

  "Surya" means "sun". Sun is the source of energy. Virtue of its energy is present in all living beings. Surya mudra attracts energy of the Sun.   Sequence:   # Tou (MORE)

What do the 52 mudras in bharatanatyam look like?

Answer   Mudras or Nritta hastas are a very integral part of any classical Indian dance. These hastas are more or less common for all the classical dances. In Bharatanaty (MORE)