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What did ibn al-haytham invent?

In the year 1011, Ibn Al-Haytham was retained under house arrest.  It is during this period that Ibn al-Haytham composed his most  original scientific achievements that repr (MORE)

How much work must be done on a 1 000-kg car to increase its speed from 1 m s to 2 m s?

Kinetic energy = 1/2 M V2 At the lower speed, the car's KE is (500) (1)2 = 500 joules At the higher speed, the car's KE is (500) (2)2 = 2,000 joules The difference is the (MORE)

Why were Ibn al-Nafis' discoveries not known in Europe when he made them?

Because at the time, the knowledge, skills, expertise, equipment etc in Arabia was far more superior than in Europe. Remember that this time was called the 'Dark Ages' in Euro (MORE)

What battles did Omar ibn al-khattab participate in?

In 624 Umar participated in the first Battle between Muslims and Quraish of Mecca i.e. Battle of Badr. In 625 he took part in the Battle of Uhud. In the second phase of the Ba (MORE)
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Why was hazrat Muhammad pbuh called al sadiq and al amin?

the Arabic words al sadiq and al amin mean truthful and trustworthy. Muhammad pbuh had both these qualities. he was trusted with belongings by non Muslims also. also his witne (MORE)

A swimmer speeds up from 1 point 1 m s to 1 point 3 m s during the last 20 s of a workout What is the swimmers acceleration during the last time interval?

    Acceleration is the change in velocity with time. In the metric system it is measured in meters per second per second (meters/seconds squared). In your example jus (MORE)

Was Al Capone in the lost battalion in World War 1?

No. He told people that is how he got the scar on his face, but it was a lie he made up to make people think better of him, as the "Lost Battalion" were considered heros, thre (MORE)

Who was Ibn Sina?

Ibn Sina commonly known in English by his Latinized name Avicenna (c. 980 C.E. - 1037 C.E.) was a Muslim polymaths and the foremost physician and philosopher of his time. He m (MORE)

What were Ibn-al-Nafis's ideas on the human circulation?

His major original contribution of great significance was his discovery of the blood's circulatory system, which was discovered again by modern science after a lapse of three (MORE)