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When did Muhammad get the qur'an?

Quran was not given as a whole to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by God through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril) was started on year 610 AD a (MORE)

Who is Mikal Muhammad?

Mikal Muhammad, nicknamed Muhammad Ali by his best friend Brandon McGlothurn, is a nine year old 6th grader trying to develop to be an entrepreneur. He attended Cimarron Eleme (MORE)

Who was Halimah to Muhammad?

in Arab culture mothers would send their babies to be weaned by other women who lived in better climates, so that the baby could be healthy and so that they could learn proper (MORE)

What did Muhammad Ture do?

Askia the Great (ca. 1443 - 1538), born Muhammad Toure in Futa Tooro, later called Askia was an emperor, military commander, and political reformer of the Songhai Empire in th (MORE)

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Who is Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.) is a retired American boxer and former three-time World Heavyweight Champion bet (MORE)

History of Muhammad?

The name Muhammad means Praised One. Muhammad was born in 570/571 A.D. His father was Abdullah and mother was Amina. His father died before he was born. He was then taken into (MORE)

Is Muhammad omnipresent?

No, Muhammad is not omnipresent as he was just a human as everyone else. Allah even asked him (40:55, 47:19, 48:2) to ask forgiveness for his sins indicating that Muhammad was (MORE)

Why was Muhammad a prophet?

Prophet-hood was entirely the blessing of Almighty God. All the Prophets (May peace be upon them all) were prophets because Almighty God bestowed Prophet-hood on them. So is t (MORE)