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How many children did john muir have?

    Yes, John and Louie had two daughters:     Wanda, born March 25, 1881, died July 1942, 60 years of age.         (     Mar (MORE)

Is David muir married?

David Muir is a news reporter for ABC News. He has never been  married and there is currently no report of him having a  girlfriend, as well.

Who is David Muir dating?

It does not appear that David Muir is dating anyone. As of 2013 he  has never been married and he has no children. He is a TV anchor  for ABC News.

What obstacles did john muir face?

At the time that Muir founded the Sierra Club, caring for the environment was not a popular thing to do, at all. He faced much opposition from government and the general publi (MORE)
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What was john muirs nickname?

His nicknames or rather what he is referred to as, are "Father of  the National Forests/Parks and the greatest Californian.
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What is John Muir known for?

John Muir was born in 1838 in Scotland. He was a naturalist and  author. He was also an early advocate for protecting the  wilderness, especially in the United States. He di (MORE)

What parks did John Muir establish?

If it weren't for John Muir and his writings, we probably would not  have Yosemite National Park as we know it today. He was also  involved in the creation of the Grand Cany (MORE)