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How many children did john muir have?

    Yes, John and Louie had two daughters:     Wanda, born March 25, 1881, died July 1942, 60 years of age.         (     Mar (MORE)

Where was David Muir of ABC news born?

He was an anchor at Syracuse ny cbs affiliate, wtvh5. I believe he began there as an intern at age 12 and was likely born in Syracuse NY. yes david muir is from Syracuse,NEDR (MORE)

What obstacles did john muir face?

At the time that Muir founded the Sierra Club, caring for the environment was not a popular thing to do, at all. He faced much opposition from government and the general publi (MORE)

Which quotation best expresses John Muirs beliefs?

   The mountains are calling and I must  go.        In every walk with nature one receives far  more than he seeks.        The clearest way i (MORE)