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What is a mulatto?

A mulatto is a person with black ancestry and white ancestry, or black and white parents. This term is not in technical use these days, and is found offensive in some cultures ( Full Answer )
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What were the Mulattoes religions?

The definition of a Mulatto is the: first generation offspring of a Black & a White, The're religion can be anything they want.
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Who are the mulattoes?

You may be referring to a group of mixed-race people from Haiti. Because they were lighter skinned, they became somewhat of an elite, although the white minority from France r ( Full Answer )
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What is Mulatto?

Mulatto "Muladi", from Arabic meaning white mixed with Moor. in the United States a formerly disparaging and now merely insensitive and unnecessary term for a person of mixed ( Full Answer )
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What is mulattos?

the descendants of European plantation colonists and africans are known as mulattos they were the children of the white slave traders and the black women slaves
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What is a mulattoe?

mulatto is a person with one white parent and one black parent or a person with white . ancestry and black ancestry.
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What are mulattos and mestizos?

Im mulatto. A mulatto is a person who has a one parent that is white and the other black. A mestizo is a native American and European person. Hope this helped :)
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Where do mulattoes live?

Mulattoes are people whose parents are different races. With this definition, Obama is one as his mother is white and his father is black. People like this are found everywher ( Full Answer )
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Who are considered mulattos?

Children of one black looking parent and white looking parent are considered mulattos, whether it's a black guy from Senegal and a white lady from Germany or a black woman fro ( Full Answer )
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Who was consider a mulatto?

A person with one white and one black parent. A Spanish word from the late 16th century, meaning a person of mixed breed