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Are mulberries poisonous?

  Yummy   No, they are delicious & nutritious. They come in purple & white.     The white are 1/2" to 1" long, sweet and firm, and are ripe in early summer, (MORE)

What is mulberry wood?

mulberry is generally Morus citrifolia of the family Moraceae but there are several others including red mulberry = Morus rubra black mulberry = Morus nigra white mulber (MORE)

How do you store mulberries?

  Mulberries are a delicious treat especially when you can eat them at home. When it comes to storing the delicious fruit there aren't that many steps to make your mulberr (MORE)

What can you do with mulberries?

They are used in making wines, juices and sauces. In addition, food scientists have successfully extracted natural food colouring in a variety of rich colours from the various (MORE)

Are mulberries safe to eat?

yes they are!try not eating the white ones.. or the ones that go by the name of ivy berries. These creepers can climb to a height of 25 - 30 feet on trees as well as rocky sur (MORE)

What was Operation Mulberry?

It was to do with the Allied landings in France , 1944. For more info check this page out: The construction of the mulbe (MORE)
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What color is mulberry?

The color of mulberry is a shade of red similar to the color of  raspberry. The name of the color was first recorded in 1776 in  English.

How deep are the roots of the mulberry tree?

As you probably geussed, it depends on tree size. I just pulled a mulberry tree that sprouted this summer in my raspberry row. To my surprise it had a yellow tap root two feet (MORE)

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