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Are their female mules?

Yes, mules can be either male or female. They are anatomically normal, but male mules are sterile. Most female mules are also sterile, but there are rare cases where a femal (MORE)

What do mules symbolize?

Mules usually symbolize stubbornness (in a negative way like too arrogant to change one's mind, not in a positive way like showing tenacity.) However, the Democratic Party's s (MORE)

Are mules sterile?

All male mules are sterile. Some female mules are sub-fertile and can be stimulated to ovulate then crossed with a horse, donkey or other equid. This is typical of all mammali (MORE)

Can a mule have babies?

A Mule is the result of sexual reproduction between a donkey and a horse. Due to the mismatching chromosome number of the two parent species, the mule itself has 63 chromosome (MORE)
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What are variations?

Variation in Biology refers to the difference between individual  organisms, cells or group of organisms of any species. Variation  can be seen in physical appearance, ferti (MORE)
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Would the result of two Mules mating produce a mule?

Mules are usually sterile. Once in a (great) while a female mule proves to be fertile when mated with a horse or donkey, though this is extremely rare. There are no known case (MORE)

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What is a mule?

A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. They  are known for their sure-footedness, as well as their ability to  carry a heavy load and work with humans. (MORE)

Group of mules?

They can be called any of the following a pack, barren, a span or rake of mules.
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How big can a mule get?

  it depends on what the parents were. a mule is the offspring of a donkey and a horse. So.. if a draft horse is one parent, the mule could be a draft mule and be almost a (MORE)

Can you breed Mules?

You can make mules by breeding a male donkey with a female horse. but mules themselves can not reproduce. They are sterile. (99.9% of the time) note: a hinny is the baby of (MORE)