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What is mean by multi-level marketing?

It is basically a pyramid scheme but legal, people get paid a percentage for what people below them do. It is most definitely NOT a pyramid scheme. MLM (multi-level marketing) (MORE)

What is multi channel marketing system?

a system in which a producer uses more that one channel of distribution, commonly, producers who use multichannel marketing systems operate their own retail stores as well as (MORE)

How do you set up a multi level marketing company?

Well if you starting your own company then i guess you need a superb product money to back and the gift to sell to people.. To start with one that's already established it hel (MORE)

Is multi level marketing illegal?

It is illegal if done one way and it is perfectly legal when done another way. Basically if you follow the FTC's recommendations, multi-level marketing can be perfectly legiti (MORE)

Who invented multi level marketing?

The first formal, legally recognized Multilevel Marketing compensation plan was a simple unilevel plan that was introduced back in 1932 by a company called Wachter's, a Califo (MORE)

What is the future of multi level marketing?

Multilevel marketing (MLM) has been a legally recognized business model since 1979 and has existed as a form of compensation since 1932. According to the Direct Selling Associ (MORE)

What is the multi-level marketing in davao city?

Whether here or the Philippines, multi-level marketing is always ascam. Multi-level marketing is a legitimate business opportunity throughthe appropriate companies. While sca (MORE)

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