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What is multicasting?

There are three possible ways of data communication amongcomputers: 1) broadcasting - ONE computer to ALL computers 2) unicasting - ONE computer to ONE computer 3) multicasti (MORE)

What is a Multicast Mesh?

A multicast mesh is a type of routing for ad hoc networks. Imagine a collection of say, 1000 laptops and smart-phones. Now, imagine that we want to send a message from any o (MORE)

What is multicast routing?

Multicast routing is done by sending one packet to several destinations (those destinations were announcing their interest by joining the multicast group). See [multicast].

What is multicast traffic?

Multicast traffic is traffic that is sent once, but for multiple recipients. Certain pieces of equipment will re-send the multicast traffic to anyone interested in receiving t (MORE)

Concept of IP multicasting?

The idea is to send a message to several recipients at once. On the backbone of the network, a message might be sent only once; later, when the paths to the recipients separat (MORE)

What is the concept of IP multicasting or multicast IP?

When you send a packet across the network, it is typically destined for one host and one host only. This is called single casting. You "cast" (tell) the message to a single ho (MORE)

What addresses do multicast start with?

All multicast addresses begin with "1110" as shown. The "well-known" group has zeroes for the first 20 bits of the multicast group address, with 8 bits available to define 255 (MORE)
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What multicast address does OSPFv3 used?

Two multicast addreses exist for OSPFv3 ff02::5 ff02::6 - used by the DR to create a virtual node to represent the Network Link LSA

What is unicasting and multicasting?

The terms Unicasting and Multicasting are used in computer networks. By Unicasting we mean that the communication is a One-to-One communication,ie. one computer interacts w (MORE)
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What are some benefits of multicasting?

There are several benefits of using multicasting technology. One benefit is that multicasting optimizes network performance. Another benefit of multicasting is that the techno (MORE)