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What is multicast routing?

Multicast routing is done by sending one packet to several destinations (those destinations were announcing their interest by joining the multicast group). See [multicast].
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What is protocol and its types?

Different types of networking operating systems uses different digital languages to control the communication process between the computers. These languages is called Network (MORE)

What does protocol mean?

It means a set of rules or customs dealing with diplomatic  transactions.   In computer science it refers to rules governing the transmission  of data.       (MORE)

What is digital TV multicasting?

Making the move to digital TV can give viewers access to additional local TV channels. Multicasting is the technology that allows a single station to provide as many as six se (MORE)

Why are protocols needed?

Protocols are needed for predetermined understandings for communications. Though it helps the harmony and smooth functioning of a system, such contribution to a system may b (MORE)

What information is supplied by Cisco discovery protocol?

CDP v1 includes information for: Device-ID (Hostname of the device or hardware serial number in ASCII) Address (The Layer 3 address of the interface that has sent the update (MORE)

What is usart protocol?

A USART protocol is computer hardware/software that converts  parallel data signals to serial data signals. USART is an  abbreviation for Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous (MORE)

What is ipv4 protocol?

Well IPv4 is actually just part of the protocol TCP/IP or Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. IPv4 is the current addressing scheme used by TCP/IP. The newer I (MORE)