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Is there a program where you can make videos on your laptop?

  Well, I would personally recommend Windows Movie Maker which you can download for free online. You can keep the video as a project and also save it as a 'wmv' (or anothe (MORE)

Is multichannel SACD sound better than SACD stereo?

As a loyal SA-CD listenere, I would like to tackle this one.... First off, SACD was developed as not only a Stereo format, but one of the advantages that was pushed was the (MORE)
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What is multichannel and multidimensional signal?

Multichannel Signals. Signals which are generated by multiple sources or multiple sensors are called Multichannel signals. These signals are represented by vector. S(t) = [(S1 (MORE)

What programs and software are needed to develop video games?

  Answer   For the programming part its usually Visual Studio c++ or C# depending on what programming language you want to use. For the art side of games, software (MORE)

What program to remove the censor in video?

You can't remove the watermark to your AVS converter video using a program; any censors, visual or audio, has the bleep sound and/or the censor embedded in their code, which r (MORE)
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What is a good video recording program?

Camtasio (Free) You can edit the video with Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas Pro (Theres more but these are the 1's I'm the most clearest with) Camtasia Studio (30day Tri (MORE)