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What is multicultural?

multicultural is when there are people from different countries living in a county apart from their origin. C . A state made up of distinct cultural groups ( canada is a mul ( Full Answer )
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What is multiculturalism?

Multiculturalism is the genocide of White people. No one says that a Black country needs multiculturalism. No one says that an Asian country needs multiculturalism. ( Full Answer )
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What good is multiculturalism?

It allows people of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures to become friends by being neighbors, co-workers, and school mates.
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What is multiculturism?

Where people from different cultures live in the same area human create a culture of their own depending on the age,need to be together expand the society in a particular dire ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have to be multicultural?

Jews are so afraid of mono-ethnic society that they decided to overrun these countries with people from third world so society wouldn't be able to organize around one nation & ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for multicultural?

New York is a multi-cultural city with people, languages, restaurants etc., from all over the world.
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What is multicultural diversity?

Multicultural diversity (or multiculturalism) refers to a societythat preserves different cultures and cultural identities withinitself. An example of a multicultural society ( Full Answer )
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Where did multiculturalism start?

Multiculturalism started when god had separated Christianity, islam,judaism and other cultures because know one were being nice to other cultures so now everybody has a differ ( Full Answer )
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What does multiculturism mean?

It is the approach that many cultures can exist side-by-side in the same social context without trying to assimilate them to one governing culture.
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What is multiculturization?

Multiculturization is a fusion between different cultures and backgrounds where every participant learns and retrieves something from the other cultures.