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UDTV in multimedia.?

UDTV, Underground Downtown Television, was created by Gainesville Florida's very own "Wolfman" in 2002. Season I promoted North Central Florida bands thru television coverage (MORE)

What is the difference multimedia and interactive multimedia?

Multimedia may be broadly divided into two categories ¢ Linear ¢ Non-linear (Interactive) Linear Multimedia Linear active content progresses without any n (MORE)

What is a multimedia format?

A multimedia format is simply a file type or format that has some sort of media in it. Multi media could be music, a picture or a video clip. A multimedia format is what one o (MORE)

What are the classification of multimedia?

Classification of media types: Classification of media types Captured Versus Synthesized Media: . Media Captured media refers to information types captured from t (MORE)

What is multimedia highway?

when multimedia owners gain information about the worth of their product they need to sell their product so they sell their product online as distributed resources on the data (MORE)
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What is multimedia What are the main components of multimedia?

Multimedia is the field concerned with the computer-controlled integration of text, graphics, drawings, still and moving images (Video), animation, audio, and any other medi (MORE)
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What are multimedia skills?

Multimedia Skills are those which enable one to specialize in one or more applications,tasks,methodologies to create a website, web applications,a corporate presentation, a po (MORE)