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What is a multiple?

A multiple in mathematics is a number that can be obtained bymultiplying the number of the multiple you are trying to find byanother number. For example, 700 is a multiple of (MORE)

What is multiplication?

Multiplication examples : * 2 times 3 equals 6 (2 x 3 = 6). This means 2 bags of apples with 3 apples in each bag. You can get the answer by added the two bags together ( (MORE)

How do you do multiplication?

Multiplication is broken down into steps:. Multiply . Put zeros . Add . Answer . Here is an example:. 12 x 18 = ?. 1 . 12 . x 18 . ------------- . 6 . First do 8 (MORE)

How do you get multiples?

Multiples are the answers of a multiplication question. for ex. if there were a question : find the multiples of 5 it would be 5 10 15 20 25 30 and so on Also you migh (MORE)

The answer for multiplication?

I am not quite sure what you meant, but for multiplication just use one number and add it as many times as the other number tells you. for example 12*5 is 12+12+12+12+12 which (MORE)

How can multiples of 10 be a multiple of 5?

because 5 can evenly go into 10. so instead of trying to divide numbers by 5 to figure out the answer just do this: ex 1. 10 goes into 1,045,680 104,568 times now to figure (MORE)

What a multiples?

the question would be what ARE multiples and they are nubers that are devisible by that number. For example, 12 is a multiple of 6 because it can go into it 2 times as in 6+6= (MORE)