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How do plants multiply?

Plants can reproduce sexually or asexually. Sexual reproduction  involves the male pollen grains travelling to the stigma of a  flower, the pollen grain germinated and grows (MORE)

How does grass multiply?

Grass must reproduce as does all plants in order for it to grow and multiply. Initially grass is planted from some type of seedling. One this seed germinates and forms a plant (MORE)

Do daffodils multiply?

Yes. In fact, they can actually choke out and kill other Daffodils if they become too numerously dense in one small location. They also return each year, usually early spring (MORE)
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Is multiply an adverb?

it can be an adverb meaning in several or many ways; in a multiple manner; manifoldly. or it can be a verb, meaning to multiply, to increase the number of adverb is pronou (MORE)