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How do you multiply?

Ex: 321 x 10 first you multiply 0 with the numbers on top Ex: 0 x 321 . 000 and 1 times 321 = 321 but you have to add a 0 and the back Ex: 3210.....then you add 000+3210= 3, (MORE)

How do they multiply?

By taking the number and setting it to the amount of the other number. Like if you have 3 eggs with 4 dots on them, then all together you have 12 dots. But if you wish to fin (MORE)

Why do you multiply?

Because when you multiply, you essentially are just adding X by itself Y times.. Example: X=3 Y=2 3+3 = 3*2 = 6 Example: X=3 Y=7 3+3+3+3+3+3+3 = 3*7 = 21. You Understand?

What is multiplie?

A multiplier can mean a few different things. It can be the amountof income has increased due to investments and savings, an amount anumber is multiplied by, a tool used to re (MORE)

How do you do a multiply?

I'm not sure how they teach multiplying today, but when I was in school, it began with memorizing. We had to memorize the 'times tables' that had all of the numbers from zero (MORE)

How can you multiply?

Multiplying is like this: Example 2x3=? draw 2 colums with 3 dots in each colum. *.. *.. Now count all the marks. You have 6 marks 2x3=6

When you multiply the reciprocal what do you take to multiply it?

I am not sure about the question, but If 1/4 is a number then (1)/(1/4) which ends up being 4 is its reciprocal. Any number "N" has a reciprocal equal to 1/N and when you mu (MORE)