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What are the benefits of multiprogramming?

using multiprogramming we can save the time multiprogramming resources to more than one current application i.e we can run multiple applications at a time that's way we refu (MORE)

What are the differences between multitasking and multiprogramming?

Task is defined as a system program which consumes very less system resources(memory, CPU time, HD etc..). A task should have periodic activity and event based activity. Assum (MORE)

What is the difference between multiprogramming and batchprocessing?

  Answer   Multiprogramming is the act of writing programs that can be scheduled for running on more than one processor (either on a multiprocessor system, or in a cl (MORE)

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Why operating systems evolved from multiprogrammed batch systems to time sharing systems?

Simple batch system used to for long times and they occupy the CPU even when they are actually not utilizing the CPU for example while doing the I/O operations. So the program (MORE)

Why multiprogramming is needed in most computer system?

The CPU is faster than the peripheralsCPU can be idle for periods of time Time wasted waiting for data to be input/outputMultiprogramming occupies CPU more efficiently More (MORE)

What are the advantages of multiprogramming?

  Answer   Multiprogramming makes effifcient use of the CPU by overlapping the demands for the CPU and its I/O devices from various users. It attempts to increase CP (MORE)