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What is multitasking?

This is what happens when you have two or more programs running at the same time, and both are working. Your processor will allocate some resources to each program. Though it (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of multitasking?

Stress, pressure and fatigue. Answer Multitasking involves the increased application of "brain power" in a situation, and this burns energy and de-energizes a person more qu (MORE)

Is ram multitasking?

RAM could be thought of as a form of multitasking, because RAM is used to run any type of web browser and if you open the same browser several times to surf the web then the R (MORE)

How you do multitasking?

You must first figure out what is most important. Taking notes is a very good thing. Learning how to prioritize is first in multitasking. You have to keep your mind open.
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What are multiuser and multitasking?

multiuser: multi user allows several users to access same data on same time. multitasking: multitasking means ability of computer to run two or more files or programs (MORE)

How do you handle multitasks?

When you go to the DMV, take a number. Then drive to the Barber and get on the list for a haircut. Go do a little bit of shopping and return to get your haircut. You might eve (MORE)

What is the synonyms for multitasking?

Hmmm, A synonym for "Multitasking" let me try this. OK: simultaneous lateral production numerous combined efforts Allotropic tasking/Allotropic Operations Layered work (MORE)
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What is an aspect of multitasking?

One aspect of multitasking is the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. This is true for both machines like computers and humans which greatly increase their produ (MORE)