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Sentence with multitude?

As the fireworks exploded the night sky was lit up with a multitude of coloured lights.
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How did the giddy multitude form?

it formed by elite planters in virginia in the 17th century, theycame up with a name for all the slaves,indentured servants, poorblacks and whies, freemen with no land, and de (MORE)

Why did Jesus feed the multitudes that followed?

Jesus is a loving person. He is perfect, and has no sin.He fed the multitude because he loved them, whether they were crippled, or ugly, or they could be pretty and famous. (MORE)

What is a sentence for the word multitude?

Multitude is a noun which means (1) a huge number, (2) the masses or the populace, and/or (3) the condition or quality of being numerous. The class had a multitude of ques (MORE)

What is the highest multitude Earthquake?

Normally, when the word multitude is used in conjunction with earthquakes, it refers to the number of earthquakes, not their strength.The number of earthquakes is linked to th (MORE)