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Can you explain this 'No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true'?

No one can live one life in public, and a different one in private without wondering which life is their true one.   This quote means that one cannot life a double life wit (MORE)

What do you call this use of letters in this sentence - a multitude a million a mischief?

The phrase "a multitude, a million, a mischief" that might appear  in a sentence, or perhaps show up in a poem or other creative work,  makes explicit use of the literary de (MORE)

Why did Jesus feed the multitudes that followed?

Jesus is a loving person. He is perfect, and has no sin.  He fed the multitude because he loved them, whether they were crippled, or ugly, or they could be pretty and famous (MORE)

What is a sentence for the word multitude?

Multitude is a noun which means (1) a huge number, (2) the masses or the populace, and/or (3) the condition or quality of being numerous. The class had a multitude of questio (MORE)

What is the highest multitude Earthquake?

Normally, when the word multitude is used in conjunction with earthquakes, it refers to the number of earthquakes, not their strength.  The number of earthquakes is linked to (MORE)

What does 'multitude' mean in the Bible?

Multitude is a normal English word. It has been used in your Bible translation because the word 'multitude' is the closest English word that matches the word used in the origi (MORE)