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How do you use the word mundane in a sentence?

The restaurant was mundane because of its repeating chairs and tables. After an exciting vacation, we faced another mundane semester of school. Kate led an unvarying l ( Full Answer )
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How do you use unusual and mundane in a sentence?

Unusual and mundane are actually almost antonyms, so this is a nice way to see how they are different.. Unusual means out of the ordinary, while mundane meas exactly the oppo ( Full Answer )
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Mundane in a sentence?

if there is sincere quest to do something even mundane things can be turned in to an exiting opening.
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What is a mundane?

The definition of mundane is: everyday: found in the ordinary course of events; "a placid everyday scene"; "it was a routine day"; "there's nothing quite like a real... ...
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A sentence for Mundane?

She longed for an exotic vacation and was bored with the mundane tasks of life.
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What rhymes with mundane?

Cane . Crane . Brain . Dane . Bane . Insane . Sprain . Drain
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What are mundane subjects?

mundane is a synonym for boring. so a mundane subject would be a subject that is dull or lacking excitement.
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How do you use mundane is a sentence?

He was bored a lot of the time, because he had a very mundane job. He was bored a lot of the time, because he had a very mundane job. He was bored a lot of the time, because ( Full Answer )
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What does mundane energy mean?

Mundane energy is the energy that everyone has access to and is produced in a mundane or non-magical manner. Electricity, horse-power, muscle power, solar power, etc are all ( Full Answer )
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What are mundane subects?

mundane means boring, so any subject that you are absolutely NOTinterested in could be mundane.