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What does totus mundus agit histrionem mean?

This was the motto of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. No doubt because of the influence of Shakespeare's own words (from As You Like It ), it is usually translated "All the worl (MORE)

Was MUNDUS a god?

Apparently not. Mundus had a number of meanings to the ancient Romans, including "the heavens", "the world" and "the underworld". However, there's no evidence that it was ev (MORE)

What does mundus novus mean?

"I think you mean 'Novus Mundus.' in any case, it simply means the New World ." I'm guessing the asker meant what s/he wrote: "Mundus Novus." (Not all languages follow the (MORE)

What is 'mundus thalass'?

The phrase 'mundus thalass' combines a Latin word with Greek syllables. The Latin word 'mundus' means 'world'. The Greek syllables 'thalass-' make up a root with the meaning o (MORE)

What is 'mundus intellectualis' in English?

The world of the intellectual is the English equivalent of 'mundus intellectualis'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'mundus' means 'world'. The adjective 'intellect (MORE)

Who drew mundus intellectualis?

Robert Fludd, "an Oxford esoteric philosopher and one of the leading Rosicrucians... He published his thoughts about human consciousness and its relationship to the macrocosm (MORE)

What is 'Mundus Novus' in English?

The New World is the English equivalent of 'Mundus Novus'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'mundus' means 'world'. The adjective 'novus' means 'new'. The phrase is (MORE)
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What is the Erasmus Mundus program?

The Erasmus Mundus programme focuses on higher education in Europe through travel and scholarships for studies both inside and outside the European Union.