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What is a municipality?

A municipality is an administrative entity composed of a clearly defined territory and its population and commonly denotes a city,town,or village. A municipality is typically (MORE)

What is municipal bonds?

Basically, it's when a city needs to raise money for a project (like a new road) they borrow the money by issuing a bond. The bond is repaid through the taxes paid to the city (MORE)

What are municipalities?

Municipalities are local governing bodies for development of urban areas. These generally consist of a committee headed by a municipal commissioner or mayor.

How is municipality different from municipal corporation?

Without looking up the specific Ohio Revised/Administrative Codes, a municipality is considered a city that has not been incorporated and must follow the States Revised/Ad (MORE)
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What is municipal construction?

With the big progress of cities, the urban centers have ahigh-density development with large population flocking in, whichleads the surge of total travel; at the same time, th (MORE)

Is there a municipal Senate?

Each municipality has the authority to set it's own governing system. In the US, the legislative body at the municipal level is often called a city counsel, but there are oth (MORE)
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What is a municipal magistrate?

I found some definitions on google for the words municipal and magistrate. I hope this helps.. mu·nic·i·pal/myo͝oˈnisəpəl/ . Adjective:. Of or rela (MORE)