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What is spindle apparatus?

In cell biology, the spindle fibers are the structure that separates the chromosomes into the daughter cells during cell division. It is part of the cytoskeleton in eukaryotic (MORE)

When do the spindle fibers shorten?

Spindle fibers shorten during anaphase I and anaphase II in meiosis in order for both the separation of the homologous chromosomes and the sister chromatids to opposite poles (MORE)

What do muscles do?

Muscles help you move. Muscles in your arms lift and pull. Muscles in your tyhumbs help you to hold things. Muscles in your chest help you to breathe. You have more than 600 m (MORE)
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What is miotic spindle?

The miotic spindle moves the chromosomes around in the cell during prophase. The miotic spindle is formed by excess parts from the dismantled cytoskeleton.The spindle is initi (MORE)
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What is the spindle?

Spindle is a grouping of fibers composed of microtubules. This  grouping is very prominent during cell division.

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