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What is a muse?

A muse is an ancient Greek mythological figure that represents the arts of drama and music. There are nine muses. Also, Muse is also the name of an awesome band.

Who were the muses?

They were the 9 Greek goddesses of the arts and science. They included: . Calliope - Goddess of Poetry (eldest of the Muses, she was a lover of Apollo, and gave birth to Or (MORE)

What did the muses do?

The muses were goddesses of the arts, including: choral dance and song, history, astronomy, epic poetry, love poetry, lyric poetry, tragedy, sacred poetry, and comedy.

What are the muses names?

Calliope was the first and most respectable of all Muses. She was the Muse of Epic Poetry and Eloquence. Her symbols were the abacus and the pen. More often than not she was (MORE)

Does a person have a Muse?

Yes, everybody can have a Muse. A Muse is an inspiration. You could be inspired by anything. So, if you don't have a Muse, your just not inspired by anything. Hope this helpe (MORE)

Why did muse name there self muse?

The Muses didn't name themselves, they were named by the Greeks. In Greek, they were called Mousai. Muse may have meaning in * men- "think": or inspiration, for they wer (MORE)
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Who was the muse?

The Muses were inspirational goddesses of literature, science and the arts. Tradition dictated that there were three in number although nine is also thought to be more realis (MORE)