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What is a museum?

A museum is where you can go see things of historical significance... although "significance" is vastly different for different people. Some small towns have museums about the (MORE)
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What is museum?

a museum is a place with historical items such as old artifacts like computers or dinosaur bones, anything that is a part of history or that is old
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Is the Australian museum a history museum?

It is a natural history museum. This designation means that itscollections include pieces of scientific value, like plants andanimals, as well as pieces of cultural significan (MORE)
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Which is the older museum Alexandria Museum or London Museum?

The Alexandrian Museum is a classical institution that ceased toexist in the first few centuries AD. The modern Alexandria NationalMuseum has only been in existence since 2003 (MORE)
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Why is museum called museum?

museum is nothing but the place to keep the important things for showing them peoples or visitors
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What can be in museums?

Anything can be in a museum. There are museums about every topicunder the sun. As long as a curator or director is passionate aboutthe material, a museum can be made for any k (MORE)
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What is the importance of a museum shop in a museum?

Not only does the museum shop offer a chance for the visitor totake home a remembrance of the museum of some kind, but it alsoprovides the museum with a source of income to su (MORE)
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Where is the museum of Pez museum?

The Museum of Pez Memorabilia is located in Burlingame, California,about 5 minutes from the San Francisco airport.