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How do you get past the lasers in the museum on Counterfeit Island?

Hide behind the statues and wait for them to move away. They back off every four or five seconds, so wait and go right as soon as you can. Keep behind the statues until you (MORE)

What is a museum?

A museum is where you can go see things of historical significance... although "significance" is vastly different for different people. Some small towns have museums about the (MORE)

What is museum?

a museum is a place with historical items such as old artifacts like computers or dinosaur bones, anything that is a part of history or that is old
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How do you get the museum to open in Counterfeit Island?

To get the museum to let you in on Counterfeit Island, you have to go through the Underground Tunnel, then exit the tunnel, where it leads you to the City Docks. There will be (MORE)