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What is implied motion in fine art?

The Futurist movement in art centers around the idea of capturing in one dimension the fast moving three-dimensional world. One of the techniques used by the Futurists and oth (MORE)

What is doling?

  doled, dol·ing, doles   1. To dispense as charity. 2. To give out in small portions; distribute sparingly   doled, dol·ing, doles   1. To dispense as charity. (MORE)

What are some fine art careers?

There are atleast 105 careers under this major. Some of these careers are an art appraiser, art broker, art coordinator, art critic, art dealer, art educator, art handler, art (MORE)
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What are the basic elements of fine arts?

Shape: A shape always has two dimensions, length as well as width. This is represented as an enclosed area that is defined by color, value, space, texture and form. When line (MORE)

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Is Culinary Art considered a Fine Art?

Of course! Culinary Art is a from of expressionism, and it lets you explore and create works of wonder! Take for example, the Food Network. You know their show Ace of Cakes? C (MORE)

What is fine art?

The Fine Arts is a categorization of the 5 different disciplines: Literature, Drama, Painting, Sculpture and Music.
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What is a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree?

  The Bachelor of Fine Arts, usually abbreviated BFA, is the standard undergraduate degree for students seeking a professional education in the visual or performing arts. (MORE)