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Whats up with slipknot and mushroomhead?

There has always been a rivalry due to the fact that mushroomhead fans have accused Slipknot of stealing their masked look, and vice-versa..
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Who is the lead singer of mushroomhead?

Jeffrey Nothing Waylon Reavis is only the Screamer in the Band. Waylons not just the screamer, he's a singer too. u just wouldn't know unless you'v been to a live show a see (MORE)
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Where did mushroomhead start?

They Started in Canton, OH. definitely not from canton, Ohio their from Cleveland, Ohio and started in 1993
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When is the next mushroomhead tour in the U.S.?

A Mushroomhead tour is not scheduled yet. They do do local shows throughout the year in Ohio at least and also other states nearby their hometown. Scheduling a world tour now (MORE)
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Who is the drummer for Mushroomhead?

Skinny the founder of mushroomhead who created the band in 1993 also named himself the drummer for the five person group
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Who is lil'dan from mushroomhead?

Daniel Fox (lil' Dan) joined Mushroomhead in 2006 as a touring drummer. He is listed as playing water drums, electronic drums, and custom percussion. It has been comment to se (MORE)
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Is mushroomhead a wiccan band?

Mushroomhead is not considered a Wiccan or Pagan Rock Band. They are only classified as a Rock Band.
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Is Mushroomhead Christian?

After reading some of their lyrics just now, I'd say they most definitely are not Christians.